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  Q. How do I list a marine organisation on the Free Marine Directory?

A. All you need to do is select the 'Suggest A Company' from the main menu at the top of every page and fill in the simple form. The only details you will need about the organisation are: Name, Town and Country. If you have an email address it would be an advantage. Anyone can suggest a company and its free.

  Q. How long does my free listing last for?

A. All listing last for ten years but are automatically extended every time you amend it. So, if you keep your free listing up to date regularly, it should never run out.

  Q. I run several marine based businesses, can I put them all in the same listing?

A. You could but its not a very good idea. Our listings are divided up so that people can fine tune their searches and find exactly what they are looking for. Add to that the fact that each advert counts as more exposure for your companies then it becomes clear that the more adverts you list the better it is for your company.

  Q. My organisation is already listed. Who put it there?

A. Anyone can add a company to our database but they can only give very basic details. The organisation themselves can request a login so that they can add the rest if they want to. All basic listings are FREE.

  Q. What period does the satisfaction rating cover and how is it calculated?

A. The satisfaction rating is calculated over the period of one year from the current date. It's calculated by using a ratio of the comments, score and visitors to your page. That then gives us a figure to use to work out how many stars you get and where you come in searches. The more comments you get, the better your star rating so it's really important to get your customers to comment on your service.

  Q. I don't like what people have said about my organisation and I want it changed or removed. Can you do that?

A. No. The comments were made by an individual and not us. It would not be fair on other organisations to remove bad comments/scores so as to distort the final satisfaction rating.

  Q. Why is the space for comments so short?

A. We have done this deliberately so that people don't get into long pros about any given situation. Short statements like 'really good' or 'Hated every minute' say more than a long one which goes into detail. Along with the score given, people will soon get the idea about the organisation being good or bad. Keep your comments legal!

  Q. Can I advertise a specific service like a sailing course in my free listing?

A. Yes, you can advertise anything you like as long as its legal and doesn't break our own rules. i.e. you can't advertise your website in the description field.