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We are the Development team working on some awesome database driven websites ranging from marine quizzes, to selling handmade gifts and UK craft fair calendars.

Our Websites

These are our websites for you to use and enjoy:
  • Sailing Quiz

    Attention all sailors. Try this sailing quiz to improve your knowledge of the sea or just for fun.

  • MyOwnCreation

    Sell your own craft and handmade gifts on MyOwnCreation which started in 2006.

  • UK Craft Fairs

    This is a complimentary service for anyone holding a craft fair, show, class or workshop. All listings are forwarded to our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as being available on RSS feeds.

  • Pub Quiz for sailors

    If you are hoping to improve your knowledge of the sea or if you're getting ready for a RYA sailing course then this quiz is for you.

  • Marine Directory

    From chandlers to sailing schools, this is a comprehensive, free, global directory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answer's to what people frequently ask us.

MyOwnCreation FAQs

Do I need to register to sell items on MyOwnCreation?

Yes. MyOwnCreation has many features which are free to use and that does, in fact, include selling items. However, if you want to add an image of your item then then is a small charge for the service.

Do I need to pay to advertise my Craft Fair or Craft Event on MyOwnCreation?

No. Adverising any craft event is currently free on MyOwnCreation.

SailingQuiz FAQs

Will the SailingQuiz help me pass my RYA or ASA exam?

Yes. Go through all the questions as often as you can and you will definately get a head start on the others on your course.

Do I need to pay to use the Sailing Quiz?

Yes. There is a modest fee to gain access to all the questions although there is a free trial version available.

How many levels of quiz are there?

There are currently 3 levels of quiz available.

About Us

We have been developing database driven websites since 2006.

Arts & Crafts

We had been developing websites for a few years when one of the ladies mentioned a gap in the market for people who make things at home to sell their crafts online. We carried out a little investigation and soon discovered that there was indeed a gap. MyOwnCreation was born and we are happy to say was first to market in UK.

Craft Events

Advertising craft events is a natural progression from advertising craft items we thought. This is currently a free service to anyone who is running an event or has a spare table at a Craft Fair. This also includes classes.

Sailing Quiz

The development of the Sailing Quiz website really only came about because one of our number was an RYA Yachtmaster and instructor so knew all about what it takes to do well on RYA courses. Do this quiz and you'll do alright in your next RYA exam.


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Matthew JL | DB Dev

A wealth of knowledge gained from years at the sharp end of big business and database development make MJL perfect for the job.

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About Softdrive

Softdrive was originally set up in 1992 to provide computer maintenance and network support to businesses in South West England..

When that market became saturated we moved with the times and became a database website development company.

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